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Concertina Coils Concertina Coils
Product name : Concertina Coils
Product No. : CC-01
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Concertina Coils - Razor Wire

Concertina Coils also known as CC are one of the most reliable forms of fencing that are used in domestic and industrial places.They are spiral in shape and made by coiling reinforced barbed wires.They make up a sharp spiral turn with more than 500 barbs around them.They can be placed on the ground with several grouting spikes or on a boundary wall with a V angle.The barbs can be placed around fences,walls and ditches.This type of fence does not allow any enemies to enter the property.

* Concertina wire spirally coiled and clipped to form a helical diamond pattern.
* Dimensions ranging from 450mm up to 1200mm diameter.
* Concertian coil can be stretched to 6-12 meters(customization avalable).
* Low price maintenance.
* Easy to move and install.
* Anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive
* Long lasting shelf life.

Application of the Concertina Coils:
Concertina coils has many circles.Tie every two adjacent circles by clips,and a concertina coil is created.Generally speaking,the diameter of an opening circle would be 5-10% less than its original size.Circles of concertina coil cross each other,leaving no space for a person or middle-sized animals.
a. Boundary  b. Residential  c. Commercial places  d. Prison  e. Institutions  f. Military installations  g. Border security 

* Galvanized 
* Zalcoate(Galfan 5% Al,95% Zinc coating)
* Stainless Steel AISI/SUS 304/304L,316/316L,430 etc.

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